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Benoy Wins Gold at Employer Brand Management Awards

Benoy has won the Gold Award for ‘Best Brand Ambassador Programme’ at the Employer Brand Management Awards (EMBA) Europe this week. The win was shared with Hodes, the creative agency for employers, who partnered with Benoy to create and deliver and award-winning project. 

“This is an incredibly exciting win for Benoy and Hodes, recognising the hugely significant work we are doing to shape and develop Benoy for the future. We are humbled to win Gold alongside such formidable competition as Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Dell and Paysafe. It’s wonderful recognition of how deeply invested we are in our people and bringing to life a brand our team truly believes in and wants to be a part of,” said Penny Illston, Benoy’s Global Director of Talent.

The EMBA sets the benchmark for employer branding around the world, recognising the best in employee engagement and brand strategy across 19 categories. The award for ‘Best Brand Ambassador Programme’ celebrates companies which have implemented creative approaches to identify, communicate with and develop ambassadors for their brand.

Building on the commencement of our brand development undertaken with strategic brand consultancy OneSixtyfourth, Benoy and Hodes have been working together since September 2016 on the campaign which looked at evolving Benoy’s brand culture. Taking a bottom-up approach, Benoy called out for volunteers across the organisation to be part of the ‘Whatever your Benoy, shape it’ campaign. With a global team of 550, more than 150 answered the call, representing over 20% of Benoy’s team.

For the last six months, this team of ‘Firestarters’ within Benoy has been working on bringing to life the firm’s brand; from defining the core operating principles and personality from an employee perspective, to its practical application and manifestion.

As part of this work, a series of initiatives created by the Firestarters sought to capture the behaviours Benoy wanted to evolve as part of the brand journey. Alongside this, they have also co-created the firm’s Rallying Cry ‘Imagine unique. Create remarkable’ and accompanying Manifesto which help deliver the brand message consistently and powerfully within Benoy. 

 “Our people are our brand. As we took the steps to look at the Benoy we want to be in the future, it was important that this was created from within. This is just the start and we’re committed to continuing to build a brand that has the genuine belief of our teams,” said Penny.

Benoy joins previous EMBA winners including Fitness First, Aldi, BMW, Transport for London and ING.   

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