International Airport Review - Andrew Brodie

Sunshine Coast Airport’s CEO, Andrew Brodie, reflects on the changes brought about by the unprecedented pandemic, and speaks of the strengths and positives that have evolved from that adversity which are guiding the airport’s future in the latest instalment of International Airport Review’s exclusive series.

We had been working towards commissioning a new $334 million internationally capable runway in mid-2020, and we were positioned to increase our network of destinations across Australia and into Asia for the first time.

We were cut off from our key markets in Sydney and Melbourne and went from being Australia’s fastest growing airport in 2019 to effectively closing our terminal doors for three months at the end of March 2020, as airlines suspended flights to the Sunshine Coast. Our revenue plummeted by 97 per cent, and we were forced to make some hard decisions regarding our staff, standing about half down from duties (furloughed) until economic conditions improved.

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