11th June 2021 – Aviation Action, a charity created to support the aviation industry, is celebrating one year since

their founding.


Created by founder Chris Wild, Aviation Action was formed in June of 2020 with the aim of providing high-quality

help and support to anyone in the aviation industry who may have been experiencing challenges since the collapse

of the industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reflecting on the past year, founder Chris Wild said, “As the aviation industry continues to battle through the

impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can today celebrate the success of Aviation Action. Over the last year we

have helped hundreds of industry colleagues deal with the impacts of the pandemic by providing personalised

mental health and well-being support.”

In looking to the future, Wild goes on to say, “The industry is a much better place due to the existence of Aviation

Action and industry colleagues should take comfort knowing that we are here to support them when they need it.”

Aviation Action has provided personal support, such as one to one mental health support, coaching, training, and

webinars, to well over 1000 people. It has successfully rolled out professional peer support volunteer training and

trained over 100 people in mental health first aid and suicide awareness.

Further, the charity has generated industry support from over 30 businesses, generated a strong community on

social media and raised over £50,000 through national fundraising events such as the “Run the Runways 2020”

campaign where supporters from across the country ran the lengths of 31 UK runways each day in December.

With more events and support opportunities planned for the year ahead, Aviation Action looks to a bright future. For

more information, visit www.aviationaction.org.

View full press release here:  Press Release - AVIATION ACTION CELEBRATES ONE YEAR SINCE FOUNDING.pdf (97 KB)

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