Aerospace Technology Institute
09 May 2024

The ATI’s Hydrogen Capability Network (HCN) is to focus on test infrastructure, research and skills as the three key enablers to hydrogen-powered aircraft technologies with the programme’s first report published today [09 May 2024].

Launched in April 2023 and funded by the Department for Business and Trade, the HCN is an ATI project set up to identify and deliver the key requirements to accelerate the development of a new era of liquid hydrogen-powered flight in the UK. The HCN mission is to secure long-term UK capability in zero-carbon emission aircraft and a competitive advantage for the UK aerospace sector. Continuation of the programme has been confirmed to at least April 2025.

Over the past 12 months, the HCN has developed the key recommendations from the ATI’s FlyZero project, which identified liquid hydrogen as the zero-carbon emission fuel with the greatest potential to scale to large commercial aircraft. Recommendations taken forward by the HCN include examining liquid hydrogen (LH2) demand, R&D test requirements and UK capability gaps.

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