Simple Flying - Tom Boon

British Airways and American Airlines have jointly revealed their plans for Terminal 8 at New York’s JFK Airport. The two airlines plan to modernize the terminal, which sits on the American side of the world’s most profitable route pre-COVID.

The airlines have revealed that the new customer experience at JFK’s T8 will be “world-class”. British Airways will begin moving into its new home from December 1st this year. Being co-located will allow the carriers to offer a more seamless experience, especially when it comes to connecting flights.

Since breaking ground around two years ago, works have been underway to upgrade the terminal.

This includes building five new widebody parking positions alongside an enhanced baggage handling system. Around 130,000 square feet (12077 square meters) of terminal space has either been added to the facility or renovated as part of the T8 makeover.

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