Simple Flying - Jake Hardiman

The topic of 5G data, and its impact on airline operations, has recently become a key talking point in the world of commercial aviation. This is despite it being operational for several years, with 2019 marking a key year for wider usage on a worldwide scale. So why is it only now that its use is proving problematic for the airline industry? 

The delays came about due to networks needing to liaise with the FAA. The government agency had concerns about the C-band frequencies used for 5G by such providers. This is not universal, with T-Mobile being an example of a network whose 5G doesn’t use C-band.

[Rollout delayed due to]...lingering concerns about the impact of C-band 5G on technology such as autoland, a feature that will now be unavailable at around 100 US airports amid the concerns. As such, the FAA has begun clearing US-based commercial aircraft to make low-visibility landings. A notable exception in this instance is the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner.’

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