Pyser-SGI Limited is now one of the worlds leading manufacturers of night vision surveillance and optics based weapon accessories.From its two factories in the south of England, Pyser-SGI supplies a range of image intensified and thermal monoculars, goggles and weapon sights incorporating the latest technology, optimising optical quality but keeping size and weight at the heart of design.

Camera mounts and accessories ensure a versatile and adaptable range of equipment for users across the board. Pyser-SGIs range of surveillance cameras in day, night and day/night versions are in use throughout the world for 24/7 protection of individuals and sensitive sites. The latest DANOS 2 Day And Night Observation System is compact and easily transportable, and very competitively priced. In addition, the unique Francis Barker small arms collimator (SAC) offers highly accurate weapon zeroing without live firing and, along with the enduring M-73 liquid prismatic compass, remains a best-seller worldwide.