Simple Flying - Linnea Ahlgren

A new study from Cranfield University shows that the transition could happen sooner than previously anticipated.

According to a new study presented by Cranfield University, passengers could be flying between regions in the UK on zero-emission planes within the next 20 years. However, it is also calling for a national hydrogen strategy to address the challenges faced by the aviation industry.

As part of the UK's Research and Innovation’s Future Flight Challenge, Cranfield researchers have worked with aerospace manufacturers, airports, and other academic institutions on a project called the New Aviation Propulsion Knowledge Innovation Network, or NAPKIN, for short.

Dr Thomas Budd, Senior Lecturer in Airport Planning and Management, commented on the study,

“Aviation is not the UK’s only industry considered hard to decarbonise which is seeking to develop a zero emissions future founded on hydrogen. To make zero emissions air travel a reality, it is essential that industry, academia, and government work productively to review aviation’s place within the broader UK hydrogen strategy. Excitingly, research as part of NAPKIN has shown that this future may be sooner than many may have originally thought.”

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