Virgin Atlantic is on track to operate the world’s first 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) transatlantic flight from the UK in 2023, said Luke Ervine, head of sustainability for the airline.

Virgin Atlantic is set to fly one of its Boeing 787 aircraft from London to New York using the fuel.

Speaking at the Sustainable Skies World Summit, Ervine said: “We are working alongside a consortium of industry experts. So we’ve got Boeing alongside Virgin, we’ve got Rolls Royce alongside Virgin, we’ve got industry academics, we’ve got Imperial, we’ve got Sheffield University, so we’re not on our own.

“It’s going to take a lot of hard work over the next few months but ultimately, we’ve got the right partners. It’s a very safety focused approach. But aside from those experts, we’ve got the backing of the DfT and we’ve started early conversations with the CAA. So we believe with a lot of effort and a lot of focus we will deliver the flight in Q4 of this year.”

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