Date: Thursday, Dec. 8 
Time: 1 – 2:15 p.m.
Meeting App: Zoom


Meet the DEN Project Managers

Join us for Taking Flight at DEN on Thursday, Dec. 8 at 1 p.m. The 75-minute virtual presentation will feature project overviews and networking opportunities with DEN Project Managers and other staff members. 

Featured Projects: 

Runway 17L-35R Complex Pavement Rehabilitation and Electrical Upgrade
• Key Scopes and Trades 
• Airfield Electrical, Concrete & Asphalt Paving, Concrete & Asphalt Demolition, Pavement Marking

Runway 17R-35L Complex Pavement Rehabilitation & Lighting Upgrade
• Key Scopes and Trades 
• Professional engineering services

Runway 17L-35R Wildlife Hazard Mitigation, Phase 2
• Key Scopes and Trades 
• Culverts; Headwalls, and Miscellaneous Stormdrainage; Concrete Slipform Paving; Erosion Control; Seed/Mulch; Fencing

Gun Club On-Ramp to Peña Blvd
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Concrete Paving; Curb and Gutter; Earthwork; Traffic signal; Traffic Control; Stormwater Management

Concourse B Xcel Vaults Improvements
• Key Scopes and Trades 
• Structural;Electrical; Mechanical; Plumbing; and Architectural

Passenger Conveyance Modernization Phase 3 
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Primarily Conveyance; General Electrical; Fire Suppression; Sheet Metal; Telecommunications; Drywall; Painting; Mechanical; and Design

On-Call Landside Civil Design Services 2023
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Roadway Design; Drainage Design; Traffic Studies; Electrical Design; Traffic Control/MOT Design; Preparation of Cost Estimates; Preparation of Construction Documents; Field Survey; Pavement Evaluation; Construction Support

On-Call Landside Roadways and Parking Lot Improvements 2023
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Concrete Pouring; Concrete Repair; Site Preparation; Excavation; Earthmoving; Asphalt Paving; Asphalt Repair; Pavement Resurfacing; Traffic Control

Parking Management Operations
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Parking Operations and Management

Shuttle Services
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Shuttle/Transit Operations Management/Maintenance

24-Hour Towing Services Contract
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Towing Companies 

On-Call Contractor - Brokerage DEN Real Estate
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Brokerage firms

Hotel Asset Management Consulting Services
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Hotel Asset Management

Carrier Diversity And Cloud Services
• Key Scopes and Trades
• Design, and installation of telecommunications infrastructure from the providers' network to DEN and other CCD locations

Resource Management System (RMS)/Electronic Visual Information Display System (EVIDS)
• Key Scopes and Trades
• The Vendor shall provide all necessary hardware, software, materials, supplies, and labor to design, configure, and implement the RMS/EVIDS