New Civil Engineer - Tom Pashby

26 March 2024

United Living Infrastructure Services (ULIS) has been awarded a new contract to deliver fuel line works at Manchester Airport Terminal 2.

This work has been awarded under the Manchester Airport Storage and Hydrant Company (MASHCo) project, also known as the Crosslink Project.

The Crosslink Project focuses on enabling works for the installation of a second Pier at Terminal 2. Pier 2 will supply Terminal 2 with 10 new boarding gates, while the fuel pipeline installation will connect two existing lines, securing a steady flow of fuel and facilitating future expansion at the terminal.

The new contract for ULIS specifically covers the installation of a fuel hydrant system to accommodate new aircraft stand layouts at Terminal 2.

ULIS was previously selected by MAG to install new pipelines as part of the £1.3bn Manchester Airport Transformation Programme.  

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