Innovate UK has updated the Transport Vision 2050, building on feedback from over 200 stakeholders across industry, academia, and government.  Explore the future of mobility in the document which refines and validates key themes outlined in the first edition and looks at the innovative strategies driving sustainable transportation solutions.


The updated document reflects a rapidly evolving sector which, as one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, is having to decarbonise in parallel with responding to customer demands and adapting to changing lifestyles. Notable updates include increased recognition of the pivotal role of digital innovation, alongside a deeper understanding of the potential for battery electric technology in HGVs and the utilisation of methanol for shipping.


The document will help to inform investments: between April 22 and March 2025 Innovate UK and our partners will invest £2 billion, shaping the future of transport and demonstrating the significance of this sector to the UK.


Transport Vision 2050 is reimagining the industry of the future. Access the vision here to explore the challenges and opportunities in innovating transport for future generations and to feedback your thoughts.


Read the report here!