Innovate UK

25 March 2025

Innovate UK’s updated Transport Vision 2050 is here. It lays out the challenges and opportunities in innovating transport for future generations, reimagining the industry of the future and providing a roadmap for how the UK will get there. The updated document reflects a rapidly evolving sector which is having to decarbonise, respond to customer demands and adapt to changing lifestyles.

The document will help to inform our investments: between April 22 and March 2025 Innovate UK and our partners will invest £2 billion, shaping the future of transport and demonstrating the significance of this sector to the UK. This fundamentally important industry is also one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK and decarbonisation is a top priority.

In parallel with this, we know that over the coming years it must become more resilient and it must adopt digital technology. Innovation in transport will help the sector to achieve these changes, maximising economic and social benefit. Technological advances will improve safety and efficiency and offer new business models as the sector adapts to changing lifestyles and responds to customer demands.

Access the updated Transport Vision 2050 now.