Airport Technology - Kirstie Pickering

The UK has announced that it will ease security rules at airports, including liquids and electronics, from June 2024.

June 2024 is the new deadline imposed by the UK Government for airports to install new security technology that will mean passengers can travel with larger liquids in their cabin bags and keep them – and their electricals – inside their luggage during the security process.

Over the next two years, UK airports will introduce the latest screening technology into their security checkpoints, marking the beginning of a new era of improved security and a streamlined passenger experience when going through departures. It is hoped that the use of the new technology will also further improve security standards in UK airports.

The new deadline follows trials conducted at airports since 2018, which demonstrated the effectiveness of new screening equipment that uses CT X-ray technology to provide a 3D image of what is in passengers’ bags, as well as deploying advanced threat detection algorithms.

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