The total investment of the third phase expansion project of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport reached 53.77 billion yuan

The third-phase expansion project of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is the largest reconstruction and expansion project in the history of China's civil aviation

A few days ago, Guangdong Airport Group held the Baiyun Airport Phase III Expansion Project’s sprinting 10 billion investment swearing-in meeting in 2023, which marks that the Phase III expansion project of Baiyun Airport has entered a full-fledged stage, thus opening the curtain of a new round of airport construction in Guangdong Province.

The project has an investment goal of 10 billion yuan in 2023. The planned construction mainly includes: the east four and west four corridors will be completed and put into operation; the main structure, steel structure and curtain wall of the T3 terminal building will achieve the start-up target, and the main structure will be completed. 80%; the traffic center will complete the pile foundation project and start the main structure; the pavement project will start in the flight area, and the earthwork project in the east flight area will be completed.

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