Simple Flying - Nicole Kylie

In December 2022, the UK government announced that all airport security scanners across the nation would be upgraded by June 2024. The cutting-edge technology will improve traffic flow and passenger experience at security checkpoints while still maintaining high standards of screening. As part of this upgrade, and to many passengers’ delight, the 100ml rule will be scrapped.

As part of the UK government’s efforts to streamline security processes, new technology will be gradually installed at airports nationwide, allowing for reduced queuing times, improved passenger experience, and better capabilities to detect potential threats. This advanced screening technology is paving the way to the eventual end of the 100ml rule on liquids at airports.

Furthermore, this new system means that large electronics – like tablets and laptops – can be left inside carry-on bags at the security checkpoint. Currently, these devices have to be removed from bags to be screened.

However, it’s important to note that travelers should always check the security requirements at all points of their journey. While the departing airport may accept liquid in containers measuring more than 100ml, the airport through which they transfer or return may not.

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