Federal Aviation Administraion on LinkedIn - Tim Arel, FAA Air Traffic Organization Chief Operating Officer

The FAA and the aviation industry are facing many challenges. While our safety record remains exemplary, recent issues have brought to light an aging infrastructure, high-visibility safety events and equipment outages, unprecedented workloads, and budget constraints. All these topics have put our public trust to the test.

However, we are not discouraged by these difficulties. Instead, we see them as a chance to reinforce our commitment to safety and excellence. As stewards of the National Airspace System (NAS), our work holds tremendous weight and is highly scrutinized. We have an opportunity now to acknowledge areas for improvement and begin the important work of examining our processes and growth areas, and turn identified vulnerabilities into solutions. Transparency and collaboration will be our key tenets. Trust is the bedrock of our organization, and we will strengthen it by continuing our commitment to being open, honest, and accountable in our actions. Through collaborative efforts with labor, management, employees, and industry, we will leverage our collective knowledge to find the best way forward.

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