Aviation Week - Helen Massy-Beresford

22 March 2024

A Dutch court has found that the Netherlands is not properly considering the interests of local residents when making decisions about air traffic to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The ruling by the Hague District Court says the state is acting unlawfully by not applying regulations sufficiently. It comes after the Foundation for the Protection of Aircraft Nuisance (RBV) association brought the case—the latest development in a long-running saga surrounding airport noise.

The Dutch government wanted to cap flights at Schiphol, despite criticism from airlines, but eventually suspended its plans following pressure from U.S. carriers using the airport, which is also KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ hub.

The airport set out its own proposal to combat noise, including a ban on night flights and the noisiest aircraft, when the initial flight cap was being considered.

The airport’s current flight movement limit is set at 500,000 flights and the latest ruling, which is separate from the balanced approach procedure, does not change that for now.

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