Simple Flying - Joe Kunzler

The Port of Seattle Commission has approved a massive upgrade to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, including a planespotting overlook.

On September 26, the Port of Seattle Commission approved the construction funds for expanding Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s (SEA) concourse. For the Port, this is a project to bring amenities to travelers and invest in construction and community.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) will build a two-level planespotter facility as part of its concourse expansion.

The airport renovation project will add four floors to a three-story building, including amenities such as offices, dining and retail options, a sensory room, a nursing room, and gathering spaces.

The new facility is focused on sustainability, with features such as a solar panel for electricity generation, the use of wood as a sustainable building material, and energy-conserving glazing on the glass walls.

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