KSL - Carter Williams

Sebastiano Cardella took an assignment to help build a completely new Salt Lake City International Airport in the summer of 2014.

Construction started with a parking lot before thousands of construction workers over the past eight years moved to other projects that got the new airport facility off the ground and running, with a little less than 5 million square feet of building space and 250 acres of airfield and roadway paving.

Salt Lake City Department of Airports officials went to prepare for their presentation to the Salt Lake City Council, where they are seeking to amend the airport's budget to include the construction of a 16-gate expansion to Concourse B and a handful of smaller items.

The request, according to a public document, seeks a change of about $683 million in the budget "so procurement can happen this fall and winter of 2022."

Airport administrators previously said in August that they planned to build nine more gates at Concourse B, which would be completed by the end of 2025. City officials said the new request is "expected but moving ahead of schedule."

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