The Guardian
Miles Brignall

An investigation by MoneySavingExpert (MSE) has found that holidaymakers who sought refunds from their credit card provider have faced last-minute demands of up to £600 if they want to board a Ryanair plane.

During the lockdowns, Ryanair carried on flying many of its routes even though most tourists were in effect barred by government rules from travelling.

The airline refused to refund affected passengers unable to travel, leading many to successfully seek chargebacks from their credit card company, in particular American Express.

Ryanair has defended its stance, claiming it has always been a “no-refunds airline” when the flight went ahead and that its terms and conditions allow its position. In May last year MSE reported that some Ryanair staff had threatened to blacklist passengers who used chargeback to get a refund, something the airline denied at the time.

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