Airport World - Joe Bates

Finavia today announced that it will start the €8 million renovation of Runway 2 at Helsinki Airport on May 2.

As as result of the work, until mid-September, aircraft landing directions will differ from the normal, although the gateway insists that the work will not affect passenger traffic.

The renovation of Helsinki Airport’s Runway 2 is a two-year project. In summer 2023, the renovation will focus on resurfacing the northern end of Runway 2 (15/33). Stormwater sewers and the electrical systems underneath the runway will be renovated at the same time.

In April, preparatory work will be carried out at the airport, and Runway 2 will not be used for landings from 7am to 5pm. The renovation of the runway will begin on May 2 and end on September 15.

During the renovation work, it will not be possible to land on Runway 2, which means that aircraft landing directions will be different from normal. In May–September, landings from the direction of Nurmijärvi will decrease and landings from the direction of northeast Vantaa and Kerava will increase, which will also affect the direction of aircraft noise.

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