PDSI is a group of privately owned construction and infrastructure consultancy companies who are market leaders in their class, adding value through collaboration, innovation and integration to deliver best practice solutions. We work on a diverse range of projects covering a variety of sectors and services.

 In this current climate our ‘Project Rescue’ expertise is in demand adding value by focusing on recovering a project (or part) that has gone off track and developing a tailored recovery plan led by our industry experts. In our experience a project does not begin “bad” intentionally but many are unfortunately doomed from the start, or breakdown along the way. Some reasons include:


•        Underfunded projects.

•        Inexperienced project team.

•        Unrealistic owner expectations.

•        Teams short cutting the process.

•        Improper planning.

•        Inability to deal with unplanned events.


Our approach and methodology begins with an assignment audit followed by a detailed report presenting options and “what if” scenarios including budgeted costs, timeframes, benefits and an illustrated road map for recovery. We offer a flexible menu of services covering pieces of expert work to suit requirements.


For more information visit https://www.pdsiconsult.com/services/ or email terry.chapman@pdsiconsult.com