Prater has joined the esteemed international British Aviation Group (BAG). The leading representative body for British companies involved in aviation and airport development and operations provides world class experience, working in over 150 countries and at the 60 largest airports in the world – delivering value, efficiency and sustainability. 

Membership is open to any company with a UK registered office that has experience working within the aviation sector. Being a member has a number of advantages, including networking events, daily sector news, and access to the Business Intelligence Centre and The Members Directory.

Leading building envelope specialist Prater has years of expertise in the aviation sector, which has seen it secure and deliver more than 40 airport projects – including work on the extension of Manchester Airport and all three major London airports.

“It just made sense to Prater that combining our extensive knowledge of the aviation sector with BAG’s range of international contacts and promotional connections would be mutually beneficial to both parties,” says Patrick Flannelly, Pre-Contracts Manager at Prater.

The BAG Members Directory is regularly updated online throughout the year and is also produced in print on an annual basis. The Directory includes a full member contact listing that also allows the sharing of recent project successes in the airport and aviation sector. To complement the directory, the Business Intelligence Centre offers the latest information on projects across the globe, keeping members ahead of the game by helping them identify potential business opportunities.

Mike Forster, Chair of British Aviation Group, says “We are delighted that Prater has joined BAG and we see them as a great addition to the membership. I am sure that with their extensive experience and expertise, with the addition of the networking and market intelligence we can provide, both they and our members will gain great benefit from the association.”

Patrick concluded that, “For us, it is an opportunity to retain existing relationships with professionals in the industry whilst also networking with new contacts that we’d be keen to work alongside. For BAG members who work with us, they will benefit from years of extensive knowledge and understanding in this sector, and our ethos of strong collaboration throughout the supply chain allows us to make suitable recommendations and keep plans on budget and to schedule.  

“This is an exciting time for Prater to further improve our presence in the aviation sector and this new membership will allow us to do so effectively.”