The Government Plenipotentiary for STH Marcin Horała signed an act transforming the "Polish Airports" State Enterprise into a commercial law company. This is the fulfillment of the provisions of the Act on streamlining the investment process of the Central Communication Port and an important step towards the inclusion of PPL in the STH capital group.

The transformation of PPL – previously a state-owned enterprise – into a sole-shareholder joint-stock company under the name "Polish Airports" has positive consequences. After entering the company in the register of entrepreneurs, PPL will be able to operate on the air services market as a commercial law company. This is the legal form of most airport managers in Europe. This means a departure from the archaic legal form of a state-owned enterprise (so far there have been only 10 active entities of this type in Poland, but only PPL with such a large scale of activity).

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