Simple Flying - Gaurav Joshi

Facial recognition technology is gradually being rolled out at Indian airports.

On Monday, a beta version of a facial recognition system was rolled out at Delhi and Bengaluru International airports, giving passengers a glimpse of things to come at Indian airports. Relevant authorities have been pushing to implement digital technology to reduce congestion at Indian airports, and Monday’s rollout is a step in that direction.

On August 15th, India’s 75th Independence Day, the authorities rolled out a beta version of a contactless passenger processing system at Delhi and Bengaluru airports called DigiYatra (meaning digital travel).

The system allows domestic passengers passing through these two locations to go through various airport checkpoints without any papers. The feature is currently available for Vistara and AirAsia India passengers (both Tata Group airlines), with boarding systems and e-gates made operational at both airports.

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