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Orlando International Airport will have to manage a limited supply of jet fuel this week.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is at high risk of running out of jet fuel and airlines are having to make contingency plans. Recent weather events have put at risk getting jet fuel supply to the airport supporting Walt Disney World and the rest of Central Florida.

According to Airways, an airport spokesperson has issued the following statement;

The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is not out of fuel, and fuel is being delivered after extended weather issues along the Gulf Coast impacted fuel delivery. The weather has lifted and ships have been able to depart. The Orlando International Airport Consortium, which oversees and manages the aviation fuel for the airport, is requesting all airlines to please have additional fuel on flights coming to Orlando through the weekend to minimize the airport needed on return flights. To supplement the shortfall, fuel is being trucked to the airport. The fuel supply is being monitored and airline contingency plans are in place to lessen any impact on operations.

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