Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

Ogdensburg International Airport in New York has begun work on the US$21.5m project to transform the airport into a regional transportation hub. The project is expected to create 195 jobs and to provide a comprehensive renovation of the terminal building to create a multi-purpose facility that better serves passengers and air carriers, and attracts new visitors and businesses to the region.

Transformation project improvements include: the expansion of the lobby for check-in, ticketing, and baggage drop; additional restrooms; the extension of the screening, concession and baggage claim areas; upgraded security doors and sprinklers; improved wi-fi for passengers; new sanitation and water fill stations; upgraded disinfection treatment within the HVAC system; an extended entrance canopy with an elongated curbside drop-off/pickup area; an outdoor courtyard with tables, chairs and planters; solar panels and electrical passenger vehicle/equipment charging stations.

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