Coventry Live - Naomi DeSouza & Priyanka Patel

Some holidays have expressed concerns about queuing times, security rules and fast-track operations

Construction is underway at Birmingham Airport for its brand-new security hall to be completed on time. The £40m scheme will bring a "next generation" security facility by June 2024 - and as a result, the airport has turned into a building site.

To accommodate the major renovation, holiday-makers will be faced with different walking routes and queuing spaces as work on the "state-of-the-art" screening hall is built. New CGIs released show how different the new security hall with look, including around the air rail like, departure gates, life areas and security lanes.

Many areas of the walking route space inside the terminal are now off limits, but the airport have created an overspill marquee that gives customers a covered walking route on days, particularly in the summer season, when the terminal gets busy. Security queuing area and assisted travel are located in a different part of the terminal to accommodate the ongoing improvements, which means you may be queuing in different areas of the airport as other terminals gets boarded off for works.

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