Airport World - Joe Bates

The Salt Lake City Department of Airports (SLCDA) has published its annual Environmental, Social and Governance Report for Salt Lake City International Airport.

It highlights the airport’s efforts to minimise the negative environmental impact of aviation and adhere to the highest standards in creating a more sustainability airport.

Highlights from the report include:

Energy Efficiency: Achieved a decrease in overall energy use by converting to LED lighting; the utilisation of off-site renewable energy sources and on-site solar arrays.

GHG Reduction: Required airlines to transition to electric belt loaders, baggage tugs and push-back tractors; reduced aircraft taxi times through The New SLC airport’s parallel concourse design; added EV charging stations for private and airport-related vehicles.

Waste Management: Reduced single-use plastics through the installation of water bottle refill stations; diverted 90% of construction waste from landfills through reuse and recycling.

Full Report