The Portugal News

13 March 2024

The outgoing Prime Minister, António Costa, has stated that any decision on the location of the new Lisbon airport is good, because it will be taken “based on the best technical information available”.

“Any decision is a good decision, given the delay we have and, above all, because this decision will benefit from a study and solid technical information”, said António Costa.

Costa said that there has already been “other very solid technical information that supported previous decisions”, but pointed out that this has the advantage of having been made by a commission that was constituted in a “completely random way in relation to who has to decide”.

Even though the decision on the location of the airport is taken by a political decision-maker, the prime minister considered that what is important for citizens, taking into account the project's large investment, is that the decision can be taken “based on the best technical information that is available.”

The chief executive also admitted to feeling “frustration” at not having completed major projects that are ongoing, but pointed out that what is important is that the country does not become “frustrated”.

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