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New Incheon International Airport CEO, Hak-jae Lee, has outlined the gateway’s new focus on creating smart logistics clusters and further enhancing its global route network.

Indeed, the airport states that his leadership “promises to infuse fresh vitality into the airport’s logistics operations” that will fulfil the vision of establishing Incheon as a global logistics hub.

In his inaugural address, Lee highlighted the pivotal crossroads at which Incheon International Airport currently stands.

According to the South Korean gateway, Lee’s commitment to creating a ‘smart logistics cluster’ promises to transform Incheon International Airport into a global integrated mega hub.

The initiative will prioritise several key areas, such as the development of a smart cargo terminal, a Joint Distribution Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), expansion of the global network, and the attraction of air cargo and logistics specialists, including e-commerce and 3PL companies.

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