Airport Technology - Peter Nilson

After 6 years, NATS has now been reappointed as the air traffic service provider at London Gatwick Airport

NATS, is the UK’s principal air navigation services provider and is split into two businesses, which provide two distinct services.

NATS (NERL) is a regulated business, which provides air traffic management services to aircraft within UK airspace and over the eastern part of the North Atlantic. NATS (NSL) is an unregulated business, which provides air traffic control services at many of the UK’s major airports (15 civil including Gatwick and 7 military airfields) and other airports overseas.

The transition from the previous provider occurred overnight on 8-9 October, with all the existing controllers transferring across to NATS. It means the air traffic service at all five major London airports is being delivered by NATS for the first time since 2016.

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