Simple Flying - Gaurav Joshi

Regular problems with the system have forced the air traffic controllers to write a letter to the authorities.

India’s second-busiest airport – Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport – has witnessed massive passenger growth in the last six months. As more flights operate out of the airport, the workload of air traffic control is also on its way up. But recent reports suggest that CSMIA’s air traffic controllers (ATCOs) are not happy with the outdated equipment they have to work with.

The Times of India got access to a letter written by the Air Traffic Controllers Guild to its employer, the Airports Authority of India, which states the problems faced by Mumbai’s ATCOs due to outdated systems.

The letter stated that Mumbai ATC’s current hardware for the automation system is more than 16 years old, while its average lifespan is supposed to be 10 years. It was installed keeping in view the kind of air traffic Mumbai airport was facing around two decades ago.

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