International Airport Review - Cyrus Dana

For this in-depth focus, Cyrus Dana, Head of Security, London Gatwick Airport, told International Airport Review’s Editor Holly Miles all about the airport’s new security lanes.

London Gatwick Airport, one of VINCI Airport’s innovation centres of excellence, has updated its 20 security processing lanes so that passengers now move quickly and smoothly into the departure lounges.

Each security lane in the airport’s two terminals has seven ‘divest positions’ – where passengers empty their belongings into trays – and 3D sensors can now tell whether each position, on each lane, is occupied or vacant.

Data picked up by the sensors is then calibrated and sent to screens displaying colour-coded graphics – and is also broadcast audibly – so that passengers are clearly directed to the nearest vacant position.

The screens sit prominently in forward waiting areas that accommodate two passengers, whose arrival is also detected by sensors when they reach the head of the ‘snake queue’ (image 1 above and 2 below).

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