Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

Manchester Airport in the UK has unveiled plans for 27 new eateries and retail units in Terminal 2, as part of its £1.3bn (US$1.6bn) transformation program.

The extended departure lounge will feature a food market serving a variety of world cuisines and quick eats for those who prefer a more casual dining experience, alongside a boutique high-street-style shopping area complete with a champagne bar and premium brands, artisan cafes and a brasserie.

The shopping zone, to be known as The Avenue, will have a vibrant and airy feel. Each storefront will open onto airfield views, with plenty of passenger seating for added comfort. The plans were revealed as the airport began the tendering process for more than 12 units in May 2023, with a view to announcing the successful applicants by April 2024. The airport is searching for retailers selling toys, fashion, accessories and travel essentials to take up units in this area and is seeking out partners who will showcase the north of England in their units, through the design of their stores and the range of products on offer.

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