Manchester Evening News - Lyell Tweed

Bosses confirmed flights would be 'winding down' at Doncaster Sheffield Airport from the end of next month.

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) will offer all staff from Doncaster Sheffield Airport an interview for vacancies after it was announced the airport would be closing. Peel Group, who owns the airport, announced today that they will be 'winding down' flights from the end of next month a strategic review found that the airport was "not viable".

This closure means the potential loss of around 800 jobs with 2,700 more also likely to be affected. The decision to the shut down the airport reportedly came after it was offered public money to continue running until next year, the Mirror reports, however, the coronavirus pandemic leading to a drop in numbers and the departure of operator Wizz Air was resulting in a 'lack' of revenue, Peel said.

MAG, who manage Manchester Airport, London Stansted, and East Midlands, have offered a lifeline to the staff affected by this closure by guaranteeing them an interview for a vacancy at one of the group's airports. A Manchester Airport Group spokesperson said: "Following the sad news of the planned closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA), Manchester Airports Group (MAG) will offer all affected staff a guaranteed interview for vacancies across its three airports – Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands."

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