Manchester Evening News - Paul Britton

The managing director of Manchester Airport has promised holidaymakers a very different summer experience next year, saying on queues: "There will be nobody doing laps of the airport stood in car parks - that's behind us."

Mr Woodroofe said: "The team have really been working very hard and have thrown the kitchen sink at turning around the situation that was well reported in April and May. It's on the up from a not great place, but you can see the pathway.

Recruitment, he said, has been focused on security, as it builds dependent on passenger numbers. "Between now and Easter I want to recruit the 200 in order to have the exact right number of people for the summer on April 1," he said. The amount of recruitment that we should be doing in April, May, June of 2023 should be very small."

On baggage handling, he said the airport had no 'commercial mechanism to influence it'. But he said: "I have met the global director of operations for Swissport, not the UK managing director, and we have sat at this airport and had a conversation about the summer of '22 and how unacceptable it has been and the plans to make the summer of '23 considerably better.

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