Malta’s geographical position in the heart of the Mediterranean has historically been of great strategic value for traders and merchants. Due to this, the airport has seen significant growth and expansion of the facilities over the years, highlighting its progress in technological advancement and management innovation.

Following the reconfiguration of the AGL control and monitoring system in recent years, undertaken by atg airports engineering team, the airport’s attention now focused on the lighting infrastructure and how it can best benefit from the latest technology. The decision to upgrade the runway centreline and touch down zone lighting was made, and having reviewed the new FX range of LED runway and taxiway lighting products, the airport could see this range of fixtures meets all their expectations.

The UK manufacturing facility, and support teams has continued to be operational during these difficult times. Having adapted its operational procedures to help maintain social distance and ensuring that the work force functions in a safe environment, the production line for AGL fixtures has continued to meet demand. On receipt of the instruction from Malta International Airport, the necessary AGL fixtures have been scheduled for manufacture and will then be tested ensuring full compliance with the necessary international standards. The units are expected to be shipped on schedule.