While airports and airlines are struggling to maintain operational services for their customers, it has been an opportunity for some airports to complete airfield lighting upgrade and maintenance works. Due to a considerable reduction in aircraft movements around the airfields it has been possible for installation services to progress much faster than expected, particularly when working on active runways.

In the difficult environment currently faced by all industries, working with partners has been a demanding undertaking. However, with safe working practices being employed within its manufacturing facilities, atg airports has been able to overcome the challenges and continue supplying its clients and supporting its many partners around the world.

As part of an expansion plan at Maiquetia Airport, a project was conducted to extend the 10R-28L runway and install additional airfield lighting equipment with the necessary associated infrastructure. The runway edge lighting circuit was extended, additional runway edge lights installed, along with threshold and runway end lighting equipment. At the same time, a completely new PAPI system was positioned and commissioned.