Airport World
Martin Riley

Manchester Airport Group (MAG) has revolutionised its visibility and protection from cyber attacks by transforming its security operations centre (SOC), writes Bridewell Consulting’s Martin Riley.

As the largest UK owned airport operator, MAG requires continual security monitoring of all its technologies, including servers, networks and end-point devices. For several years it had outsourced its security operations centre (SOC), including continual monitoring, to a third-party security provider.

However, in March 2020, with the initial contract coming to an end, it became increasingly apparent that the current security set up was no longer fit for purpose. The incumbent provider wanted to move MAG to a different technology platform which would require substantial CAPEX upfront and result in an increase in operating costs.

The peer airport had moved away from a fully outsourced SOC and worked with Bridewell to deploy a new SOC technology stack which is a blend of Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR.

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