Simple Flying - Lukas Souza

The LAX people mover is a major project for the world's fifth busiest airport.

LAX has always been an incredibly busy airport and vehicular traffic is a problem, and the Automated People Mover is meant to be one of the solutions to the traffic problem.

The first train car arrived at the Maintenance and Storage Facility in June, after crossing the country on a journey from Pittsburgh, PA. The car left the Alstom factory, where the manufacturer has its assembly operations. In addition to the first car that was unveiled last week, three more have already arrived at LAX. There will be a total of 44 train cars, including the APM Maintenance and Service Vehicle that arrived at LAX early this year.

The system that will be used at LAX is a driverless system created for both urban and airport settings. Trains will arrive at stations every two minutes during peak hours (9AM - 11PM), and have an end-to-end run time of 10 minutes. The train cars hold 12 seats, feature wide doors, large windows, and plenty of hand holds. The system features a 2.25 mile track and six stations, and is a critical investment into the airport's infrastructure as Los Angeles prepares to welcome the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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