We are pleased to inform you that our Heathrow Lift Off Q2 2024 event opportunities are now live on CompeteFor. Our Lift Off initiative has recently been shortlisted for the "Supplier Collaboration and Innovation Award" by the Procurement Leaders for their World Procurement Awards 2024, demonstrating its positive impact.

The theme for Q2 2024 is Passenger Experience.  


Heathrow is the most connected airport in the world and a significant proportion of our passengers are transferring through Heathrow, meaning that Heathrow is their only impression of the UK. Therefore, we want to improve our passenger experience and do better, so we are keen to learn about how you can help us do this.


When passengers travel through Heathrow, 75% of our passengers feel satisfied. Leisure passengers are back to 2019 levels with a reduction in business travellers and an increase in passengers visiting friends and relatives. We are seeing more passengers who have personal circumstances (e.g. sensory, cognitive, psychology or physical) who require additional support when travelling, with more than 2 million passengers requesting assistance in 2023, 34% more than in 2019. 


We deliver a good experience for most of our passengers but for certain segments such as those passengers requiring support or connecting, we know we can do more to meet their needs and expectations. We do not always provide the information passengers need to feel in control of their journey on the day. Moreover, some passengers want to know in advance how the experience through the airport will be so that they can prepare themselves. We want to do better and are keen to learn about how you can help us with.

Therefore, we are particularly interested in potential solutions relating to below areas:

  •         Seating, leaning post, or other resting solutions in departure lounge.
  •         Solutions to enable passengers with personal circumstances to make independent journeys through Heathrow (some of whom may currently book the assistance service but tell us it’s not necessarily the support that they need and want to self-mobilise).
  •         Information points (hardware) to allow interactive support through the airport journey.
  •         Virtual walkthrough solutions that allow passengers to prepare and know what to expect from their journey through Heathrow before they arrive at the airport.
  •         Solutions that would help to make the journey of our connecting passengers smoother.


The Q2 2024 Lift Off opportunity can be accessed on our CompeteFor microsite via below link:



The deadline for applications is 22nd April 2024 at 5.30pm.

If you have any questions, please contact sme-engagement@heathrow.com. We will continue to keep you updated on the timely progress and success stories for the SMEs and will share updates with you throughout the year.

Looking forward to receiving your application,

Heathrow Procurement