Simple Flying - Jake Hardiman

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) in West Yorkshire, UK, has shelved its plans to invest £150 million ($196 million) in building a new terminal. Frustrated by delays to the project, and wanting to avoid a public inquiry, the airport has instead elected to expand its existing terminal. The news comes ahead of a busy year at LBA.

In a statement published last week, Leeds Bradford Airport announced that it had axed its plans to construct a new terminal building on-site. Initially intended to replace the current facility, which was built in 1965, the BBC reports that the proposed new terminal had sparked controversy since plans were revealed in 2020.

Leeds City Council had initially approved plans for the construction of a new terminal around this time last year. However, this prompted further opposition from local campaigning groups, resulting in a public inquiry into the project being ordered in January 2022. This, along with delays to the projects, has now led the airport to shelve the plans for the new terminal.

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