The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in severe budget cuts for training across almost every business in the aviation sector. As the industry restarts, organizations are looking to ensure that employees are trained on the fundamental technical and operational skills, but also the soft skills needed to adapt to new situations and deliver a winning customer experience.

Some key findings the report brings to light:

  • 50% of L&D decision-makers consider an assessment of their organizations’ skills and competence requirements as of high importance to business continuity.
  • 60% of organizations would value a training needs analysis from an external provider.
  • 25% of HR decision-makers believe focusing on safety is the best approach to enable their organization to cope with the impact of the pandemic.
  • 85% of organizations indicate that online learning, including virtual classrooms, will play an important role in recovery plans.

 IATA_Training_Workforce_Skills_Report_2021.pdf (2 MB)