The Airport Operator

UK airport and airline investment in the touchless passenger experience is growing significantly as a recovering sector focuses increasingly on making life easier for returning passengers according to aerospace giant, Thales.

For Thales, the French multinational that describes its mission as “building a future we can all trust”, that has meant an increasing focus on the biometric touchless passenger journey, enabled by investment in kiosks at key airport transition points, as well as state-of-the-art temperature monitoring equipment. Jiggins says that these are all relatively easy to install and popular with most passengers. Perhaps surprisingly, she notes that it is the UK’s smaller airports that have been at the forefront of this kind of technology investment. As a result, Jiggins says, the passenger experience at many UK airports today is already “like night and day, compared to what it was ten years’ ago”.

Meanwhile, a combination of pressure to increase efficiency and the green agenda is also encouraging airports to look at how they can use new technology to improve ground support for their airline customers.

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