The Isle of Thanet News - Kathy Bailes

A fresh bid for a Judicial Review challenging the government’s decision to give the go ahead to RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) for the development of Manston airport has been granted by the High Court today (March 23).

In January a Judicial Review application submitted on behalf of Ramsgate resident Jenny Dawes was denied by the High Court but an appeal was then lodged asking for a planning judge to review the decision.

That hearing took place today in the in the High Court before Justice Nathalie Lieven who has given permission for the review to go ahead on some of the issues raised in Ms Dawes case. Ms Dawes’ team say these are climate change impact and whether sufficient need for the Manston airport freight hub has been proven.

A spokesperson for RSP called the legal bid a ‘delaying tactic’ saying: “Following today’s short hearing by Mrs Justice Lieven, we are disappointed that this will now go to a full judicial review, albeit on reduced grounds.

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