We are pleased to inform you that the Q4 Lift Off Event opportunities are now live on CompeteFor.

With previous lift off events centred around innovative solutions, for Q4, we decide to focus on upcoming business opportunities in our supply chain. In reflection of the theme of our Business Summit ‘Let’s do business’, Q4 Lift Off themes are developed based on upcoming business needs.

This time we decided to team up with our strategic supply chain partners and deliver multiple mini lift off sessions instead of one. Our mini lift off partners for Q4 are Wilson James, Atkins, Mace, and Costain.


The themes of Q4 Lift Off are as below:

1. Wilson James - Vehicles and Equipment for Assisting Passengers

2. Atkins - Professional Services Support

  • Data analysts
  • Business Case leads
  • Business Analysts
  • Testing & Integration Engineers
  • Project Managers

3. Mace – Infrastructure Contractors

  • 2800 Steelwork Contractors
  • 3600 Composite Cladding Contractors
  • 3900 General Building Contractors
  • 4000 Ceiling & Partitions Contractors

4. Costain - Digital solutions to improve net zero outcomes

These are opportunities in the pipeline in our supply chain. The successful SMEs would be invited to tender opportunities or further engagement meetings.

Lift Off Q4 event will take place on November 16th in Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow.

We hope you are getting excited about the opportunities and looking forward to taking part. The closing day for submission is October 4th.

The Lift Off Q4 opportunities can be access on our CompeteFor microsite via below link:


If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with the application, please contact procurement@heathrow.com .