Lift Off is a new concept developed in 2022 as an additional way to attract and work with SMEs. It provides a platform for selected innovative SMEs to present their products and services to and connect with a panel made up of Heathrow and its largest supply chain partner organisations.


Heathrow has delivered two successful Lift Off events so far and received extremely positive feedback. Future events will be held on a quarterly basis geared around chosen themes that differ at each event throughout the year. We will also select a panel tailored to each event to create the best possible environment for success.


The Q3 event has just been published on Heathrow’s CompeteFor microsite. The theme for our Q3 event is Data and Technology Solutions. This theme covers a broad range of products and services in different areas.


Just to name a few below: 

-Recycling technologies  

-Solution improvements in parking - service or infrastructure  

-Self-service passenger support and other passenger assistance technologies  

-Technical initiatives in building and facility management including CCTV and other assets  

-Sustainable technologies  

-Solution improvements that utilises speed, resilience and low latency telecommunications such as 5G  

-Solutions improvement in Health and Safety  


Please apply via the link below:

The deadline for applications is 28th July at 5.00pm.