New Civil Engineer - Rob Hakimian

London Gatwick Airport’s planning application to bring its existing northern runway into routine use has been accepted for detailed examination by the Planning Inspectorate.

The northern runway is currently only used when the main runway is out of action, but the plans would see it made available to run routine flights alongside the main runway.

The airport’s plans were submitted to the government on 6 July and detail how it will make best use of existing infrastructure to “unlock new capacity and improve airport resilience, in line with government policy”.

The £2.2bn plan involves:

  • Repositioning of the northern runway (12m north) and reconfiguration of taxiways.
  • Expansion of the terminal buildings
  • A new pier and amendments to aircraft stands
  • Other airport facilities, including a waste facility, a new hangar and new fire training grounds
  • New office space and hotel rooms
  • An additional 18,500 car parking spaces
  • Road improvement works
  • Environmental and mitigation measures

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